With today’s hectic lifestyles, most families make a point of enjoying family time together at least once a year. To know you have the security of a guaranteed standard of accommodation each year is one less uncertainty to worry about, which saves a huge amount of time, money and risk searching for online accommodation.

Like most industries and products, timeshare as some of you know it (or think you know it) has changed over the last decade. If you think about the first mobile phone you ever had and compare it to today’s technology and capabilities, they are completely different. Fast-forward to today’s generation of hotels and developers throughout the world. They have been creating resorts and services that transport you during your annual vacation to a life that you deserve to live, to enjoy experiences that until now were only a dream on your wish list. These days, it is the norm for luxury hotel chains to offer vacation ownership to people who deserve to own a slice of that luxury.