Club 1CLICK Vacations has made arrangements with specialist exchange company DAE (Dial An Exchange) to be able to offer you quality resorts in almost every corner of the Globe.

Exchange is the essential part of the  vacation ownership system. Despite the fact that the majority of the members of the 1CLICK Vacations Club prefer to book their holidays from Vacation Specials , or book holidays to the resorts of the Club, there are also club members who would like to book a holiday to a specific resort they liked or to such region where they cannot find available among the other offers. We are happy to provide you with such opportunity. Request a week from the Club for the purpose of space banking it with the exchange company, deposit it & open an exchange request to look for your desired destination.


Also the international exchange company DAE gives you the opportunity to see the list of the bonus weeks offers on-line and if you like something you can request this week as an exchange. This way you can first see & choose what you like and then to request a week from the club for an exchange.